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Veer and Mahi
Veer and Mahi


We pride ourselves on the quality of pregnancy education we provide and the personal touch we give. It’s lovely to hear from those we helped along their journey to becoming parents. Here’s a selection of those testimonials.

If you’d like to add a testimonial please visit the contact page, and complete a few details. We’ll be sure to add it to the site as soon as possible. Thank you for all your support and kind words.

  • Sarah’s antenatal classes were absolutely fantastic, incredibly informative, interesting and felt prepared us very well for the birth and taking our baby home. In addition we had postnatal care at home from Louise and that really completed our wonderful experience with The Birth Team. Louise was there not only to check myself and our baby after the birth but to offer us invaluable help, advise and reassurance which really made us feel much calmer and relaxed during our first week at home.

    Karen and Andrew
  • Best thing I did during my whole pregnancy. I was so scared, and Sarah made me feel at ease about the delivery – making me believe that “I could do it”, and I did!

  • Sarah’s classes were lots of fun, really informal which we loved and gave us the confidence we needed to help us through the last stages of pregnancy, labour and after our little boy was born. We would highly recommend her.

    Natasha and Arron
  • My husband and I really enjoyed Sarah’s antenatal classes. Sarah made me feel relaxed about the whole experience. I would defiantly recommend Sarah’s classes she prepared us for the delivery and life after. I also made some lovely friends who I see on a regular basis and being a mummy wouldn’t be the same without them!!!

  • We found the antenatal class with Sarah a big help to prepare for birth and looking after our first baby. As first time parents we had lots of fears and worries but in the class Sarah always reassured us and made us feel better. Her class was also fun to attend and she made easier for us to make friends with other couples in the class. We are really happy that we took Sarah’s antenatal class!

    Naoko and Kim, Radlett
  • Sarah’s antenatal classes were excellent! My husband and I had 5 antenatal sessions with her and she covered everything in a simple straightforward way.  We felt incredibly informed, comfortable and reassured. She gave us lots of information on labour, what happens to the baby, pain-relief options, and suggested items to have in the hospital bag – one for the expecting mum and one for the baby. She had lots of props to visualise and to help us understand the different aspects.

    She is a senior midwife with many years of experience and we felt great having someone so experienced to ask questions to. I would highly recommend these antenatal classes with Sarah. Definitely money and time well spent! Thanks Sarah.

    Tejal Shah
  • Sarah’s antenatal classes were amazing for so many reasons. Informative but fun, straight to the point and factual but most importantly, Sarah’s caring nature made me feel confident. Each week I left the class buzzing with excitement. I also left the course with a group of new friends I see weekly! Thank you!

  • Sarah’s Antenatal classes are the best! Her relaxed attitude and views make it a great atmosphere to get your head around the most life changing event of having a baby! We made great friends, and the early days of being a parent would not have been as manageable if it wasn’t for her classes – Thanks!

    Ruth, London
  • The best few weeks of my pregnancy! We had such fun, learnt so much and made great friends. Sarah took away the fears and made me believe i could do it! Can’t speak highly enough of Sarah and the classes – everyone should go!

    Michelle, London
  • My husband and I did our Antenatal classes with Sarah before the birth of our daughter in 2008. We were very nervous about the whole birth process and Sarah’s classes helped us a great deal. Not only were they informative and very well prepared but they were also fun. We made friends with some of the other parents and the Mums still regularly meet up with the little ones. Sarah always has the time for you and your questions or queries, no matter how trivial and always empowers you to believe that you will manage when the time comes for the little one to make their appearance. Thank you Sarah.

    Charlotte & David