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Our classes usually run on Sunday mornings, but we understand this might not work for everyone; we can arrange one to one sessions or an intensive course. Please get in touch and we will try to help.

Course Dates and Sessions

Please note that the order of the sessions may be subject to change & the Baby Resuscitation session sometimes has to run in two separate groups, dependent upon numbers of attendees. However we do our utmost to notify you of any changes well in advance.

The next course starts on the 7th May 2017 with the following dates scheduled. Each session starts at 10:30am and run for roughly 2-3 hours, except for the 28th May which will run in two sessions at 9am and 11am.

May 7
May 14
May 21
May 28
Jun 4
Jun 11

More dates will be announced soon. If you have any dates in mind and would like to discuss your options, please get in touch where Abby will be more than happy to help.

Session 1: Is this Labour?

Session leader: Sarah Denning
  • How do you know it’s labour? When to go to hospital: what to take with you, what happens when you get there.
  • What is normal, what is not, when & where to get help.
  • The important differences between early labour and active labour.
  • The Incredible Machine (that’s you!): how your body knows what to do get your baby born
  • The father’s/birth partner’s role (Note to self: remember to stay calm!)

Session 2: Keeping pain manageable – your toolkits

Session leader: Sarah Denning
  • The DIY Toolbox & The Drug Toolbox: Getting the best out of what is available. Helping yourself: keeping calm, magic endorphins & other amazing stuff about your body in labour. Water birth.Using T.E.N.S., Entonox (gas & air), Pethidine, Meptid & Epidurals.
  • Vaginal Birth: the reasons for ventouse and forceps delivery.
  • Caesarean birth: What to expect before, during and immediately after the operation. Pain relief. Planned & emergency operations.
  • Being induced: Why we sometimes need to induce labour, how it’s done & what happens.

Session 3: Women’s Workshop

Session leader: Sarah Denning

During this session we look at and practise relaxation techniques, positions for labour and delivery, coping mechanisms. We also chat about your postnatal body & tips to help you through the first few weeks

Session 4: The Feeding Question

Session leader: Sarah Denning
  • Breast or Bottle? Making the choice.
  • Breast feeding: Early days, how it works, self-help, breast care.
  • Bottle feeding: Making up feeds, hygiene, common problems. Jaundice.

Session 5: Baby & Child Emergency Life Support

The Baby Resuscitation training usually runs immediately after the feeding or baby day class – we will advise you of the date when you book your classes.

Would you know what to do? Learn how to respond appropriately if your baby stops breathing or chokes, and the different approach for babies and older children. Anyone who cares for or will care for your child should know these skills, including you. Taught by Fran Regal ALSI, EPLSI (Resuscitation Council (UK) Instructor for Children & Adults), you will be guided through the right actions to take in the crucial minutes before help arrives. Learn how to save a life.

Open to all – grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, babysitters – please check availability when booking as spaces are limited.

Session 6: Baby Day

Session leader: Sarah Denning
  • Newborn tests and examinations.
  • Vitamin K. Cord care.
  • Dressing, bathing, everyday care.
  • The role of your Community Midwife & Health Visitor & other people who can help.
  • New parents: Surviving the first week! Managing sleep, hormones and visitors.