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The Birth Team

Private childbirth care options are often limited to either obstetric care or midwifery care. This is a different way, a partnership, to give you the best of both worlds.

The Birth Team was created by myself, Sarah Denning, and Senior Consultant Obstetrician, Richard Sheridan, who recognised that something was missing from the private pregnancy care currently on offer. Six years ago, we sat down and discussed what women and their families really wanted from their care during pregnancy & birth – what would make them feel safe and confident. The answer was continuity of care from a dedicated midwife and obstetrician partnership.

The combined skills of an experienced obstetrician and midwife team give you complete care, from your first appointment in early pregnancy through to the birth of your baby. A relationship of trust with pregnancy healthcare professionals you know, and who know you.

From our combined professional experience, and from asking our patients, we thought the key was continuity of care from a dedicated partnership. It worked. For further information and to make a booking please visit the The Birth Team website at www.thebirthteam.com.

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