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My Online Midwife

My Online Midwife is a series of videos and resources made by midwife Sarah Denning. It covers early pregnancy through common pregnancy problems, labour and birth, early motherhood and breastfeeding. They feature very experienced, senior health care professionals and therapists and have lots of really helpful information in them about labour and birth.

Here is the first module about early pregnancy, which is free. Other modules are available to buy, and are great for women who may not have time to attend antenatal classes or who would like information from a trusted source.

Finding out you are pregnant

When you first get a positive pregnancy test, it is a life-changing moment; you may feel exhilarated and terrified all at once! It can be hard to know what happens next or where to go. This video tells you what you need to do and when.


Signs And Symptoms

Some women sail through early pregnancy with no problems at all, but for others it can be a very difficult and challenging time; this video goes through the most common symptoms of early pregnancy and how to manage them.


Healthy Eating In Pregnancy

Knowing how to stay healthy in pregnancy by eating the right food is very important for you and your baby. In this video we discuss what is recommended to eat, and to avoid.


Pain And Bleeding In Early Pregnancy

We know how worrying it is to experience pain and bleeding in early pregnancy, and it is really important that it is investigated quickly; this video tells you how to get help, and some common causes.