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Antenatal Classes

Having your classes with us will give you access to a qualified midwife who has the knowledge and experience to answer your questions fully. We have helped hundreds of babies to be born and have had a few ourselves! We can offer you a wealth of experience about birth and babies.

What’s different about The Knowledge Antenatal Classes?

The difference is that we are experienced midwives in a large busy maternity unit. We know what will help you practically and emotionally, as well as being up to date with current practice; We are also mothers ourselves, and have been in your shoes. We are not judgmental. The information we give you, both verbal and written, is based on up-to-date quality clinical research, and many years of midwifery experience. The Knowledge Antenatal Classes are designed to be small and friendly, with a maximum of seven couples in a group. The small group sizes will give you more space and time to question, absorb and get to know the other parents in your group

Who are they for?

Everyone – wherever or however you are planning to have your baby using NHS services or privately. First time parents are recommended to have a complete course, but are free to book into just one class or a few, whatever works for you. Do we cater for second time or more parents? Absolutely. You may be in need of a refresher course, planning a different kind of delivery, or had a long break between babies. We welcome all parents to The Knowledge Antenatal Classes, either in a group setting or one-to-one if you prefer. (Many second time parents like to come to just the feeding session, if they have had problems with this before.) A chat with Sarah will usually help you work out what is best for you.

Women come to classes with a partner, a friend, relative or alone. It is a good idea to bring whoever you have chosen to be with you during labour as they will get lots of information and ideas about how to support you. Many parents make lasting friendships with the people they meet at The Knowledge Antenatal Classes – after all you’re all in the same boat! The Knowledge Antenatal Classes aim is to give you the tools and information you need to cope with labour, birth and the first days with your baby with confidence. We want you to have a positive, happy birth experience so that you’ll remember the day your baby was born as one of the best days of your life

When should you attend?

Usually you would start at 28-30 weeks pregnant, but we will try to fit you in at whatever stage you need. Early booking is strongly recommended. We like you to have finished your course by 37 weeks if possible, as there is usually one baby in each group who decides to make an early appearance!

What does each session consist of?

Take a look at the Class Schedule page for details of each of the sessions.

When and where?

The Knowledge Antenatal Classes are held at the Spire Hospital Bushey on Sunday mornings, occasionally on Saturdays and normally run for consecutive weeks.

What’s the cost?

The cost of each session course is £330 or £70 a class if you choose to not do the full course. This is payable by BACS (details available on booking) or cash-only for the whole amount. Sessions that are booked but not attended are non-refundable. (If you can’t make one of your sessions we will try to book you into the next available one if it is practical)

How do I book a course?

Contact us and we can then discuss which dates you’d like to attend and book you in.

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